“Leader” stuntmen group

     Welcome to “Leader” stuntmen group! Key staff has a big stunt work experience, more than 20 years. Our stunt performers and stunt coordinators took part in shootings of many film projects of domestic and foreign production. They were winners of International Festival of Stunt Art and Cinematography and Absolute World Championships among stuntmen as well, during the group lifetime. For several years, team has been going on tour with their “Stunt show” and “Auto rodeo” programs to the cities of Kazakhstan, Russia and abroad. Due to the late rapid development of film industry in Kazakhstan, we started to buy and manufacture professional equipment more and more for stunts in film work. All the stunt performers and stunt coordinators are the members of Stuntmen’s Association of Kazakhstan and have the relevant entitlement to perform stunts as well.

      Our area is the professional performing and coordinating of stunt staging of any complexity in film projects and clips; we organize stunt shows and make pyrotechnic special effects.

Alexander Terekhov is a founder and head of the team, who coordinates and performs stunts of the highest category, has a membership in “Filmmakers Union of Kazakhstan”, who’s a multiple awarder of “International Stunt Art and Cinematography Festival”. Alexander Terekhov is a president of “Stuntmen’s Association of Kazakhstan” – was brought in a record book of Kazakhstan.

The main stunt directions are: auto and moto stunts, work with air rams and air ratchets, pyrotechnic special effects, fire burns and burns, high falls, tumbling, work with pneumatic and mechanical rope systems and gas equipment, air work (parachute, plane, helicopter, hang-glider), water work, standing by the actors and operators.

Professional stuntmen work as instructors organizing “extreme driving courses” during winter time.

There are high qualified pyrotechnicians obtaining entitlements to work with pyrotechnic special effects in our group.

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