1. Springboards for high, screw, long jumps and overturns by car, motor bike and quad bike;
  2. Tow truck of Mercedes van along with trailer pattern;
  3. Special springboards on the airbags for fast mounting and dismantlement of the constructions;
  4. Ratchet wire pneumatic system;
  5. Vests;
  6. Protectors;
  7. Specific seats and belts;
  8. Mechanical wire systems for breaking and lifting;
  9. Air pad for high falls up to 30 meters;
  10. Pads for falls;
  11. Cars;
  12. Motor bikes;
  13. Quad bikes;
  14. Generator;
  15. Pyrotechnic remote controllers with various configuration;
  16. Specific clothing;
  17. Gels for burning;
  18. Radio facilities;
  19. Strikeball and paintball weapons along with training hardware;
  20. Gas equipment for working with fire burns and open fire;
  21. Fire extinguishers.