We offer the professional performing and coordinating of stunt staging of any complexity in film projects and clips, stunt shows and pyrotechnic special effects.

     The main stunt directions are: auto and moto stunts, work with air rams and air ratchets, pyrotechnic special effects, fire burns and burns, tricks with explosions, high falls, acrobatics, work with pneumatic and mechanical rope systems and gas equipment, air work (parachute, plane, helicopter, hang-glider), water work, standing by the actors and operators.

     The price payment for stunt work is individually determined by stunt coordinator depending on trick complexity and its planning, area conditions, area coverage, number of devices etc. per double or day.

List of services:

1. Falls:

  •  acrobatic falls
  •  breaking through the glass
  •  falls with furniture breaking down
  •  cascade falls
  •  high falls to the touch-down from any highness
  •  high falls with the use of ropes

2. Auto stunts:

  • coordination of auto chases
  • driving on two wheels
  • car overturns
  • collisions
  • penetration of anything by car
  • high-speed driving, swiveling, drifting etc.
  • car falling into the water
  • jumping out from the moving vehicle
  • driving with a stuntman situated on a car body (top)
  • driving off a prop with a stuntman standing on, by car
  • man transferring from one vehicle to another, driving with a high speed
  • hop jumping from the springboard
  • felling a stuntman

3 .Moto stunts:

  • high-speed driving
  • jumps
  • overturns
  • collisions
  • driving on one wheel
  • falling from the motor bike

4. quad bike stunts:

  • high-speed driving
  • jumps
  • overturns
  • collisions
  • driving on two wheels
  • driving on the rear wheels

5. Burns:

  • from 30 % to 100 %
  • working in the naked flame

6. Working with explosives and exposions

7. Working at height

8. Air stunts:

  • parachute jumping
  • pushing, hanging
  • jumping with equipment

9. Water stunts:

  • high diving
  • chasing, jumping, breaking through by launch, scooter etc.

10. Pyrotechnics

11. Work with gas equipment

12. Production of any filming property and devices